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The borough of East Rutherford occupies about 3.9 square miles in Southern Bergen County. It is bounded on the north by the boroughs of Carlstadt and Wallington and on the south by the borough of Rutherford. The Passaic River forms the western boundary and the meadowlands serve as the eastern boundary.

The area in which East Rutherford is located is referred to by the layman as the valleys of the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers. To the geologist, however, this land compromises a portion on the Triassic Lowlands. The latter refers to the Triassic age - a period in time when dinosaurs roamed this area and left their impressions in the sandstones, which predominate this section of New Jersey.

Francis A. Westervelt, in her "History of Bergen County" states that by an act of the state legislature on April 17, 1889, the portion of the old township on Union known as East Rutherford was incorporated under the name of Boiling Spring Township. The township took its name from a powerful and never failing spring of pure cold water, which flowed in the crossroad near the northern boundary.


On May 23, 1893, the final meeting of the Township Committee of Boiling Spring Township was held, for the purpose of closing up the township's business and for making transfer of all properties to the borough officers of East Rutherford Borough, which supplanted the township. There was no change in the territory or boundary; simply a change in the form of government and the name of the municipality.


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The late William McKenzie who established the Standard Bleachery at Carlton Hill was Chairman of the Township Committee when the movement was started to change from Boiling Spring Township to the Borough of East Rutherford. The success of the movement was largely due to his work and he became the first mayor of the borough.


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Over the past century East Rutherford has expanded its population and remained an area of commercial interest for industry and state concessions. Currently the Meadowlands Sport Complex is located in East Rutherford providing a home for the New York Giants, New Jersey Devils, New Jersey Nets as well as world class horse racing. Several successful businesses are located in East Rutherford and development of new residential units continues.