East Rutherford Cooling Centers

Due to the excessive summer heat blanketing the area, East Rutherford has opened up a cooling center at 333 Grove Street (ER Community Hall).   The cooling center will be open from Wednesday, June 19th until Friday, June 21st between the hours of 10:30AM to 8:30PM.  In addition, Bergen County has also established a cooling center at 147 Hackensack Street (Southwest Bergen Senior Activity Center).  For more information about this location, please click here.  Anyone needing to escape the heat is welcome to visit either of these locations.  

For tips on how to stay safe during extreme heatwaves as well as signs to be aware of for heat-related illnesses, please click here.  Also, as a reminder, please do not leave pets locked in vehicles and be mindful that asphalt and concrete surfaces can get extremely hot which can burn your pet's feet.