First Positive Case of COVID-19 in East Rutherford

Borough Residents of East Rutherford,

I was notified this evening by the Bergen County Department of Health Services that a positive case of COVID-19 has been identified in East Rutherford.  The Bergen County Department of Health Services has started "contact tracing".  All close contacts will be notified and all appropriate measures will be taken to continue to best protect our community.  

We have been notified that this individual has been isolated and all established protocols are being followed.  This information is being relayed and released to give accurate and timely information as we receive it from Bergen County Department of Health Services. 

I strongly urge all resident to follow all preventive measures and protocols that have been circulating by the CDC, in the media and on our Borough website.   We will continue to provide and publish timely updates as we received them from the Bergen County Department of Health Services and/or related State and Federal agencies.

I have and will continue to be in constant contact with Borough Council, department heads and agencies to provide ongoing and factual information as it becomes available. 


Your Mayor,


Jeffrey J Lahullier