East Rutherford's Call for Unity

Our Fellow Residents:

The East Rutherford governing body along with East Rutherford Police Department are deeply saddened and troubled by the recent chain of tragic and senseless events, leading up to and including the reprehensible death of George Floyd.  Rightfully, citizens across our nation are angry, scared, and outraged by the current state of civil unrest caused by unacceptable criminal actions and brutality that has targeted people of color, which we completely denounce.  We want to take this opportunity to reiterate that the Mayor, Council, and East Rutherford Police Department are here to serve and address the concerns of all our residents, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or creed.  Also, this governing body has the utmost confidence that the ERPD will continue to operate, as they always have, with an unwavering dedication to treating all people with courtesy, professionalism, and respect.  By facilitating projects such as National Night Out, Junior Police Academy, D.A.R.E, Touch-a-Truck and others the ERPD has and continues to do a great job of being an accessible and engaged part of our community.  

Moving forward, the governing body pledges to take the following actions:

  • We will take the necessary steps to memorialize our denouncement of racial injustice by the passage of a resolution at an upcoming public meeting.
  • We will forward our resolution to the Governor’s office, State Legislators as well as to all other municipalities throughout the State to encourage them to join our stance against racial injustice.
  • Establishing a community relations board to expand the partnership between government, law enforcement and residents.


East Rutherford Mayor and Council