Message from the Mayor

Potential sewage issue at west end of town

Residents of East Rutherford,


On Saturday afternoon at approx. 2:00PM I received a phone call from our East Rutherford Public Works and Utilities Commission superintendent that the Passaic Valley Sewer Commission had a problem with their pumps at their pumping station.

This pump house located in Passaic receives sewerage flow from East Rutherford, as well as other towns.  This mechanical problem, which was beyond our control, may have caused sewerage to back up into some of our residents’ basements, located on the West end of town only.  At approx. 4:00PM on Saturday the problem with Passaic Valley was rectified.

If you are located on the West end of town and experienced any sewerage back up damage Saturday evening, please contact: Passaic Valley Sewer Commission at (973) 817-5858 and leave your contact information. Reference E.R. Event March 4th, 2023 occurring between the hours of 9AM and 4PM hours.




Mayor Jeffrey J. Lahullier