Senior Medical Transportation


Senior Medical Transportation program guidelines:

Residents 60 years of age and older may call for transportation to medical appointments only that are within a 10 mile radius of East RSutherford.

Anyone using this service must call in advance and register.

Passengers must be able to board and exit the vehicle without assistance, as the vehicle does not have a wheelchair lift and the driver is not trained in the transportation of disabled individuals.

Riders are permitted one round-trip or two one-way trips per day

Passengers are not permitted to change or add to their itinerary once in the vehicle.

Passengers must call the driver when ready for return trip.

Please do not make appointments or travel arrangements  with the driver. Call (201)933-5219 to leavea a message to schedule an appointment

Passengers are not permitted to tip the driver

All Riders are required to wear a mask per COVID-19 guidelines.

Passengers must be ready 15 minutes prior to pick up time.