Internal Affairs Division

About Us

The receipt, investigation, resolution and reporting of complaints of officer misconduct is the responsibility of the Internal Affairs Division. The ultimate goal of the Internal Affairs Division is to insure the integrity of the East Rutherford Police Department is maintained at all times. This is accomplished utilizing a system of internal discipline and fainess and justice are assured through objective and impartial review.

A member of the public who feels they are a victim, or may have witnessed police misconduct has the right to file an internal affairs complaint against the officer or officers involved. The East Rutherford Police Department must accept all reports of officer misconduct from any person at any time, regardless of the hour of the day or day of the week. Any person making a complaint of misconduct has the right to do so anonymously and cannot be required to produce any type of identification. If the person making an internal affairs complaint cannot or does not wish to come to police headquarters arrangements will be made to meet the complainant at their home, place of business or other mutually convenient location.

Once a complaint of misconduct is lodged, an officer assigned to Internal Affairs Division will conduct an investigation into the allegations of misconduct by members of the East Rutherford Police Department or review minor complaints handled by supervisors.

The Internal Affairs Division is responsible for investigating any potential violation of our rules and regulations. These alleged acts of misconduct may have occurred while the officer was on-duty as well as while an officer is off-duty.