Remembering Loretta Gentles

Loretta Gentles worked as the Records Clerk of the East Rutherford Police Department for 38 years until her death from injuries sustained during the northeaster of March 2010. Loretta was a lifelong resident who was known to go out of her way to help anyone she came in contact with. Loretta was like a mother figure to every member of the police department and her dedication was second to none. Even at times when all other borough offices were closed due to inclement weather, Loretta would call the police desk and ask for a ride in because she refused to stay home. In 2013 the Records Room was dedicated as the "Loretta Gentles Record Room" with the following inscription:

"We honor and remember our friend and co-worker
For her tireless 38 years of service to the
Borough of East Rutherford Police Department.
To show our gratitude and deep appreciation
For all that she meant to us, she will continue to
be part of our department.
Therefore, this Record Room will forever
be named in her memory
The Loretta Gentles Record Room"